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Use Mobile Banking to Pay School Fees

 Mobile Phone banking makes things easier when paying for schools fees. This is why the Bank South Pacific is reminding schools who are yet to join their mobile banking option to do so before the start of the next school year.

Lae branch manageress Bevilon Homuo said the bank had introduced school fee banking last year.

“There are three benefits from this: 


  • cost-cutting, 
  • time-saving and 
  • safe,” 

The school fee banking option will cost parents 50 toea per transaction.

“The school will not pay any fees for school fee deposits,” Homuo said.

“For parents, there’s no transport or lunch cost.

“You pay school fees from wherever you are as long as there’s coverage.

“You are also cutting down the bank queues.”

Homuo encouraged schools such as Busu Secondary School to join.

“BSP has come this far and we are going digital so join us,” she said.

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