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Telikom PNG reducing internet rates to assist people, small businesses

 TEKILOM Papua New Guinea  has been reducing its internet rates over the years, says acting chief executive officer Amos Tepi.

Tepi said five years ago, a 1 gigabyte (GB) internet data bundle cost K39.

“In 2018, Telikom reduced the price of 1GB data to K15 and in July 2019, the price was further reduced to K5,” he said.

“Telikom understands that for Papua New Guineans and businesses, data is no longer a want but a need.

Telikom PNG Data Plans

“With data, people and small to medium enterprises can grow and enhance their lives to create a success story for themselves.

“Telikom’s vision is to provide innovative, enhanced telecommunications and internet services at an affordable price for people to enable this country to advance.

“There is an immense opportunity that exists on the worldwide web that is yet to be fully explored and Papua New Guineans will not achieve their niche of opportunity with offers that restrict usage.”

He said there were promotions during the festive period.

“Telikom has released its Christmas season campaigns that will surprise its customers. This Christmas is all about internet data, we have currently two lead up promotions to Christmas that commenced on Dec 3.

“There are promotions lined up for Dec 25 and Boxing day and one for New Year to end off the year with.”

“The promotions lined up are certain to make the festive season a memorable one for all Telikom fixed prepaid internet data users.”

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