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Kina Bank VISA Debit Card Fees

 Kina Bank is based in Papua New Guinea provide banking services. The bank issues VISA Debit Cards to its clients or account holders. This card is not mandatory and interested account holders can make a seperate application for the debit card.  The bank says, with the Visa Debit Card, you have access to a worldwide ATM network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Visa Debit Card lets you “Tap To Pay” with EFTPOS here and overseas. You can also use your card to purchase online, get cash out at ATMs and much more. This is the smart way to pay, with easy access to your money here and overseas.

Visa 3D Secure for Kina Bank Visa Cards. An enhanced Security feature. This feature provides Visa Cardholders with the extra security of 2 Factor authentication whenever they transact online on e-commerice websites that participate in the service.

Fees for Kina Bank VISA Debit Cards 

Below are the fees expected for Kina Bank VISA Debit Cards.

Fee Visa                                                                              Debit Card

Card Annual Fee                                                                K100

Card Issuance Fee                                                              K100

Card Replacement Fee (per card)                                      K50

Emergency Card Replacement Fee                                   K65

Monthly Service Fee                                                         K8

Local ATM withdrawal fee (Kina Bank)                           Free

Local ATM withdrawal fee (other ATMs in PNG)            K2.5

International ATM withdrawal fee (overseas)                    K10

ATM balance enquiry (Kina Bank)                                   Free

ATM balance enquiry (overseas)                                       K2

International POS transaction fee                                      K2

Foreign Currency Conversion fee                                    2.5% of the  transaction amount in  PGK

POS Limits         Daily Purchase  Limit    Daily Cash Out Limit    Monthly  Purchase Limit

Classic                 K15,000                             K5,000                          K20,000

Gold                    K15,000                            K5,000                           K40,000

Note: The fees are expected to change without notice, thus you are to consult the bank for latest updates

In our next article, we will look at Bank South Pacific VISA Debit Card Fees 

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