Internet Price in PNG to Drop by 50 percent in 2022

 DATACO PNG Ltd chief executive officer Paul Komboi says retail internet prices will be reduced by about 50 per cent by the end of next year (2022).

He told an investment conference yesterday that wholesale prices had already been reduced by about 40%.

Internet Price in PNG to Drop by 50 percent in 2022
Internet Price in PNG to Drop by 50 percent in 2022 

But it was not reduced at the retail end because of market competition.

"I hope in 2022, we will see at least a 50 per cent reduction in the retail price, and I can guarantee you that," Koimboi said.

"I think the market will move very fast and it will be very aggressive.

"Vodafone is coming in at the end of this year, and one of the challenges we see is that a drop in the wholesale price is not being passed to the end-user.

"Either the market will force that to happen or we will see regulator stepping in.

"We know that Telstra is also coming on board if everything goes well after their initial assessment and due diligence. They will also create different dynamics in the marketplace to continue to put pressure on reducing the price of services offered to people."

Komboi said the reduction had not been felt by the end-users because of the competition in the retail market.

"But there is an uptake by usage of mobile phones by other carriers that are out there now." Komboi said

"It means that there is competition in the marketplace.

"Once Vodafone comes in, that will add onto that competition and continue a reduction in pricing.

"That's when customers will win"

The National  / PNG Tech News 

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