PNG DICT Driving Digital Transformation through Cloud Technology

 "Driving Digital Transformation through Cloud Technology: DICT Collaborates with AWS to Overcome Adoption Challenges and Encourage Leadership Participation"

The Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is driving the Digital Transformation Agenda to modernize government services and improve access to digital technology for citizens.

The department is following a development framework and Digital Transformation Plan that ensures an inclusive and practical approach to the transformation process.

 "Driving Digital Transformation through Cloud Technology: DICT Collaborates with AWS to Overcome Adoption Challenges and Encourage Leadership Participation"

However, one of the key challenges is the adoption of cloud technology due to misunderstandings and concerns over encryption, data privacy, data protection, and cyber security standards. A balanced risk management approach is needed to address these concerns while realizing the benefits of cloud technology.

To address this challenge, the DICT recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host an immersive one-day training workshop for key government agencies. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a better understanding of the capabilities of cloud technology and explore how it can be tailored to their specific needs. It covered topics such as security, compliance, and cost optimization.

Participants shared insights on how cloud technology provides the opportunity to revolutionize businesses in the ever-changing security and ICT landscape. They agreed that shifting to the cloud offers numerous benefits over traditional on-premises infrastructure, including the ability to launch critical infrastructure quickly, at a low cost, with minimum resources, and compliance with industry standards and global regulations.

The workshop also aimed to encourage leadership participation in driving the digital transformation agenda. Involving leaders and decision-makers in understanding the value and opportunities associated with the digital transformation process is essential for driving reforms. The DICT hopes to educate leaders and decision-makers to understand the drive so that the transformation processes are inclusive and address the issues prevalent in adoption and transformation as experienced by other countries.

The workshop was attended by representatives from pilot agencies already working with DICT to support some of the pilot initiatives that would have a transformational effect on the citizens, government, and businesses of Papua New Guinea. The DICT is committed to working with these agencies to ensure that the benefits of cloud technology can be realized in a way that is safe and secure for all stakeholders.

The DICT is considering hosting more workshops to include wider stakeholders from central agencies to provincial levels to help the government achieve its Digital Transformation aspirations.

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