Golden Sun is Fake, Scam and Pyramid Scheme

 In an attempt to claim genuineness   , scammers at Golden Sun have  released a fake Papua New Guinea Central Bank media release stating Golden Sun is genuine and the bank has grant financial licence to trade in PNG.

However,  the Bank of PNG denied releasing the media statement and has warned the public not to involve  in fast money schemes because they are scams. The bank said, the media statement was forged and did  not come from the Bank.

Papua New Guineans have been warned not to invest in such fast money schemes. 

Over view

Many Papua New Guineans are becoming blindfolded and now living in fantasy world with dreams of becoming millionaires overnight. So their pursuits of becoming millionaire  have cost them their entire wages, salaries, savings or even their retirement savings with little or none returns. Some even have lost their lives.  So where are these people investing?  In Papua New Guinea, we turn to look   for  quick money rather than sweating the guts out to make your dreams come through. We are now investing in foreign Pyramid Schemes which are quickly become unsustainable. We  try to warn fellow Papua New Guineans on some of these pyramid Schemes.

Some of these pyramid schemes that taking the country by storm are Golden Sun, Proma, H Hip , hoprocket and Aim Global etc. These are pyramid schemes that do not work in this country. We beg you to understand how these pyramid schemes work.

The main characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants only make money by recruiting more members.

Typical scams and pyramid schemes are

  • Golden Sun
  • Hoprocket
  • Aim Global
  • H Hip
  • Proma
  • Golden life 
  • etc

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