PNG ICT Minister Echoes NICTA : Unlicensed StarLink Terminals are illegal

The National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) is clamping down on unlicensed StarLink terminals operating within the country, issuing a stern warning to individuals using the satellite internet service without proper authorization.

NICTA Chairman, Mr. Noel Mobiha, declared that any StarLink terminal functioning in PNG without NICTA's knowledge is illegal, regardless of its prior operation. Following the recent granting of a five-year operator license to StarLink, all terminals entering the country will be subject to strict reporting and licensing procedures.

"StarLink will bring in the terminals under their operator license, and every purchased terminal will have its own license," explained Mr. Mobia. "NICTA will manage and monitor this process, ensuring transparency and accountability."

The chairman issued a strong message to those currently using unlicensed StarLink terminals: "Anyone operating these terminals illegally is in significant trouble." He emphasized that the new regulations aim to control the technology's deployment and safeguard national security.

Mr. Mobiha further clarified that StarLink terminal access won't be readily available upon request. "These devices are mobile, meaning they can be moved around. We want to track their location and movement to ensure responsible internet usage," he stated.

Echoing these concerns, ICT Minister Hon. Timothy Masiu affirmed the government's commitment to regulating incoming technology. "As a responsible ministry, we must scrutinize everything coming into the country. Protecting our nation's interests is paramount," he declared.

He commended NICTA's firm stance and reiterated the illegal status of existing unlicensed StarLink terminals. "Anyone using them right now is operating outside the law," he emphasized.

The government's move signifies a proactive approach towards managing the influx of new technologies like StarLink. The tightening of regulations aims to strike a balance between facilitating technological advancement and maintaining national security and control over critical infrastructure.

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