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How to top up on Bmobile Vodafone network in PNG

What is a Top Up?
Top up is when a subscriber recharges their phone credits by purchasing a bmobile TopKad, purchasing credits via bmobile’s Electronic Voucher Distribution System(EVDSor via an ATM machine.
 Methods of top up
bmobile-Vodafone offers 3 ways of top up:
  • bmobile-Vodafone Topkad card which comes sealed in a plastic (K3,K5,K7,K10, K20, K50 and K100)
  • bmobile-Vodafone EVDS- a system whereby upon payment, credits are transferred to your phone electronically. This can be done from a bmobile phone to your phone, from a a bmobile-Vodafone EVD desktop phone to your mobile phone or from a Payecom POS terminal to your phone
  • ATM Top up – using a bank card to purchase phone credits at an ATM
 How to top using the bmobile-Vodafone Topkad
  1. Purchase any available bmobile-Vodafone topkad (K3,K5,K7,K10, K20, K50 and K100).
  2. Scratch the silver panel on back to reveal voucher number.
  3. Dial *121*voucher number#
 A confirmation SMS will appear on screen.
“You have successfully recharged (amount). Your balance is (amount) & valid until (expiry date)”.
 If in error. An SMS from will be sent from 120 (Customer Service) saying;
“The card you entered is expired”.
 Top-up using EVDS Service (Phone to Phone)

  • Phone to Phone – This service can be done from a mobile phone to your mobile phone or a desktop phone to your mobile phone. Any amount from K1.00can be purchased. Values purchased must be in round Kina amounts only. Example: K1, K2, K3K4 etc.

  • How to Top Up using Phone to Phone
  1. Purchase of your preferred top –up amount.
  2. inform the vendor of the phone number that you want the top up to be sent to.
  3. The purchased top-up amount is then sent electronically from the vendors phone to the mobile number given.
A confirmation SMS will appear on your mobile phone screen.
“You have successfully recharged (amount). Your balance is (amount) & valid until (expiry date)”.

A second SMS giving you the transactions ID# and phone number of EVD will be sent from 122 confirming your recharged amount.

  • Payecom Electronic top-up service using POS terminal that generates top-up vouchers.
  • How to Top Up from a PayEcom terminal
  1. Purchase a preferred top –up amount.
  2. A top-up voucher or receipt containing the voucher number, amount, expiry date etc is generated for the customer to top-up.
  3. Customer tops up by entering *121*Voucher number, press # and send.
Amounts that can be purchase from a Payecom terminal are similar to the Topkad – K3K5K10K20K50K100.
How to Top-up via an ATM  
ATM Top up services are available from ANZ and BSP ATM’s only
How to Top up at ANZ
  • Insert bank card
  • Select ‘Mobile Top Up
  • Select bmobile
  • Select amount for top up – K5K10K20K50 or K100
  • Collect receipt containing voucher number
  • Top up mobile phonePress *121*voucher number # and send

How to Top up at BSP
  • Please insert bank card
  • Select your preferred language either English or Pidgin. For this case English is selected
  • Enter your PIN number and ‘Press if Correct’.
  • Select transaction for Phone top-ups and Press the Button
  • Select a Top-up provider as bmobile-Vodafone
  • Select bmobile top-up
  • Select a bmobile top-up amount e.gK5 top-up
  • Select the account to withdraw from (Cheque, Savings or Archiever)
  • Screen display “Your transaction is being processed”
  • After transaction completed, a screen displayed “ if you would like to perform another transaction” . Press if NO to ignore to perform another transaction.
  • Finally, a screen is displayed to take your card. “Thank you for banking with Bank South Pacific. Please take your card”.

How do I confirm my phone credit top up?
Simply  dial *120#
 An SMS confirming your balance will appear.
“Your account balance is (amount). Your account will expire after (expiry date)”.

What are the Top Up expiry on the respective methods of Top Up?
Each method of Top Up has a validity period . The validity period starts from the date of recharge.

TopKadValidity PeriodPayEComm – ExpiryATM BSP – ExpiryATM ANZ -Expiry
K314 DaysN/AN/AN/A
K530 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
K714 DaysN/AN/AN/A
K1030 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
K2090 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days
K5090 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days
K100120 Days120 Days120 Days120 Days
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