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PNG launches new fibre optic to boost internet

PAPUA New Guinea’s main fibre optic hub was officially opened last Friday at Konedobu in the National Capital District.

State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah launched the facility which will now connect most internet users and mainly major and multi-million dollar businesses to the high speed internet access.

Liquefied natural gas producer Hides Gas is among the first users of the system which Mr Micah hooked up to the customer point of interconnect through operator, PNG DataCo’s national transmission network.

Mr Micah said the facility was an outstanding development by a state-owned enterprise as it would aggregate all customer services including data, internet and voice services, and transport them over the fibre optic links to various locations within Port Moresby, nationally and internationally.

Chairman of State-owned Kumul Consolidated Holdings Paul Nerau said the opening of the new facility by DataCo marked a major achievement for the entity.

Mr Nerau said being a nationally owned company, all revenue would remain in the country and in turn help grow the PNG economy.

DataCo’s managing director Paul Komboi said this development along with the launching of the entity’s website were two significant developments.

He said they are looking forward to rolling out the fibre cables across the country to allow business organisations and telecommunication companies including ISP’s and broadcasting stations to use the same wave band.

"Plans are underway and we have already hooked up several provinces such as the Highlands region and DataCo with the supportive help of our partners Post PNG and PNG Power Limited will be looking at carrying out the work to our Island regions.

For the Island region this is where our planned submarine cables will go and the Government through the minister has agreed to give its full support," he said.

Mr Komboi said currently they are operating at Savanah heights in Waigani where they are building points of Interconnections that will allow customers to use this service.

He added that DataCo is now aiming to have the country covered through a new CPI facility before the 2018 APEC summit.
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