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Divine Word University launches upgraded Website

Divine Word University (DWU) launched its upgraded Website (www.dwu.ac.pg) at the Madang campus last Friday, 20 Nov, 2015.
DWU President Fr Jan Czuba launched the new-look Website that has new features such as online learning (e-learning) pages and social media connectivity (Facebook and Twitter).

The upgraded Website with additional features comes at an appropriate time when DWU is also offering its programs online beginning next year.

Previously, DWU blocked staff and student access to social media platforms on its DWU Net to prevent abuse and clogging up of traffic on the network.

Fr Czuba said DWU management has confidence in staff and students that they can responsibly usesocial media on DWU Net.

He made a strong plea to staff and students to be responsible when using social media sites through the DWU Net.

“The University expects mature and responsible use of social media by our staff and students on our network,” said Fr Czuba.

Fr Czuba commended the work of the Website upgraded team headed by Vice President Research and Postgraduate Studies, Professor Maretta Kula-Semos and Mr Chandana Silva the head of ICT Services and staff from faculties and ICT. “It was a demonstration of great team work,” Fr Czuba said.

Prof Kula-Semos said the revamped Website is compatible with desktop and laptop computers, iPads and smartphones, which is good news particularly for students.

Fr Czuba launched the new DWU website at the close of the end-of-year review week at the Madang campus.
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