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Bmobile-Vodafone launches roaming services for customers

Bmobile-Vodafone has launched its roaming service with Vodafone Australia, allowing prepaid customers travelling down south to stay connected to home.

According to the company, more than 200,000 people departed the country on short trips in the past 12 months with nearly 50 per cent visiting Australia.  Group’s chief executive officer Sundar Ramamurthy said the company’s new first-class roaming service, which started on December  9, will ensure a seamless transition for its customers.
“Papua New Guineans love to travel and we know they want to stay connected when they are overseas. They can call a taxi on arrival, use maps to find the hotel and call home to say they have safely arrived –all these using their bmobile prepaid phone,” he said.  

“The cost of calls to Papua New Guinea is only K1.50 per minute. 
“Incoming SMS are free and Outgoing SMS are only K1 per SMS.
“That’s only a fraction of today’s cost using any other PNG network to roam.”

He said the cost of making calls in Australia was K2 per minute, assuring customers of a flexible roaming service which would expand to New Zealand and other countries using Vodafone.
Chief marketing officer Parag Panjwani said Vodafone was one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. 
“If you travel and want to be connected, there is now one clear choice for your mobile provider,” he said.
The company had also launched new promotions.
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