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Digicel AllcomMcr alliance delivers large benefits for business customers

A presentation conducted by Digicel Business and AllcomMcr has shown customers will benefit from access to a range of new services that will enable more flexible working in PNG.

Digicel PNG acquired ICT provider AllcomMcr in July 2015, strengthening its position as the largest ICT solutions provider in the South Pacific.

AllcomMcr is well known to PNG having provided IT and network support services for eight years and invested significantly in local resources.

At a joint presentation held in Port Moresby on February 18, the companies outlined options for PNG businesses to utilize the most up to date digital tools enabling workers to be more effective and customer focused.

Head of ICT Business Solutions for Digicel Gary Cobain, said businesses today want to ensure their technology can help them collaborate with anyone, anywhere and on any device.

“People are more mobile and dispersed than ever before yet, when they are working they want a consistent platform from which to connect with customers and colleagues,” Cobain said.

With direct access to the relationships AllcomMcr has built with organizations such as Cisco, Digicel PNG customers can use their smart phones and tablet devices to do business in a more secure and consistent environment.

“Business can now be conducted over a network at a business premises or via a cloud based environment with mobile devices offering high definition screens used for quality conference calls and instant messaging.”

Access to the new technologies will allow Digicel customers to:

Work effectively anywhere, any time, and on any device, wired or wireless
Get single-business-number reach and single voice mailbox
Transparently move calls between mobile devices and desktop phones
Dynamically configure a phone to a user on a temporary basis
Provide IP phone VPN clients for remote workers
“This is a very exciting time for PNG businesses who now have access to more efficient and flexible use of their hand held devices.

“With AllcomMcr’s combination of expertise and experience, and Digicel’s network capability and country wide presence, we anticipate delivering even more business ICT efficiencies in the future.”
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