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Suri from Eastern Highlands runs IT business

JASON Kalo Suri, 25, from Eastern Highlands is an Information Technology (IT) specialist who runs a small business.
He graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from the Institute Business Studies in Port Moresby.
He was employed as an IT specialist by the commercial radio station PNG FM Ltd, the mother company of Yumi FM, NAU FM and Legend FM.
He was in charge of the IT aspects of PNG FM ranging from network setting, trouble-shooting, programme installation and other computer software. He worked for four years with PNG FM from February 2012 to September last year.
He told The National that IT was his hobby and thought that he should tap into the business.
“That is that reason why I decided to leave my job with PNG FM and start my own sma__ll business because I perceived big potential in the IT business,” he said.
“I registered my business with the Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority as Kalo Communications, and here I am.
“I wanted to be my own boss. That is not to say I do not want employment. I just see a lot of potential in myself  which I have to develop and use thus  creating  employment for other young people.
“That is the bottom line.”
Suri is based at Monian House where he rents a small space on the second floor sharing the rest with a printing company and a travel agent.
Kalo Communications provides basic IT services such as computer malware and virus removal, resetting of computers and other computer hardware and software solutions.
“One other quite important service is the installation of  web-monitoring software that can help companies and government agencies make sure that employees do not have access to unauthorised sites,” he said.
One of the key drivers of his small business is the inspiration to serve people who cannot afford prices in big companies.
“It is my hobby and that I am more than satisfied when other people’s IT needs are met,” he said.
“It has been a modest start for me. I just moved into this place three weeks ago.”
Slowly getting a foothold in the business world as a solo operator, Suri is determined to make IT work. IT is what he does best. The National
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