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University of Goroka students to get free internet through Wifi hotspot

The Management at the University of Goroka is optimistic of smooth sailing this year as students begin classes with its goal of also moving online. In welcoming students on campus, management is also pleased to announce that work on providing FREE INTERNET WI-FI access for students has already commenced. This comes from a budget of K800, 000 approved by the Management itself with an installment of K100,000 already made to Telikom for the installation of WI-FI hotspots at various location throughout the campus. This will means students can now access the internet for study purposes in their rooms, student mess, library, residential areas, and academic departments even at the UOG Farm. The installment should be completed by the middle of this semester. Further to this, students will now utilize 200 new computers when studying at their dormitories, Email accounts for all students will also be set up and automation of student records, all online. The Management is now calling on students to respect and value such investments by taking good care of the properties and by taking full ownership of these new assets.
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