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Digicel Play begins Transmission of New TV Satellite Technology

Television viewing will now be accessible in remote areas across the country thanks to Digicel Play’s new satellite technology, which launched today in Port Moresby.
The transmission of the Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television will now enable Digicel Play to have 100 per cent coverage in PNG.
The two new five tonne satellite dish that uplinks to the satellite in the sky (JSAT) will allow Digicel Play to bring high quality content to the largest possible subscriber base. Digicel Play customers can now purchase a smaller size dish for half the price.
As part of its commitment to providing high quality television coverage throughout the country, Digicel Play is leading the industry by investing in smarter solutions to enable today’s high definition television.
Digicel Play CEO, Nico Meyer, said the installation of the two satellite dishes will be maximizing quality and reach, while minimizing costs.
“Residents in the country’s most remote areas can now purchase satellite packages and have access to Digicel Play’s local and international content through the variety of channels available,” he said.
“We encourage all residents in urban centres to contact their wantoks in the rural areas to let them know that from Wednesday 13 April they too will be able to access Digicel Play’s wide selection of movies, sports, news and family entertainment.
“Everyone will have the freedom to enjoy quality television regardless of where their home is.”
Meyer said it is an exciting time for television in the country as Digicel Play prepares PNG for a digital migration beginning with the transmission of the new satellites.
“The process of installation is sophisticated and our investment in this new satellite technology will create new jobs, up skill local staffs and grow the economy with product and seller availability,” he said.
Digicel Play’s new satellite technology will also enable television broadcast to be accessible to people in the wider Pacific region including Fiji, Nauru and Tonga.
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