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Post Courier promotes hoprocket while bank of PNG issues warning against it

By Bryan Kramer

Today (3/6/16) Post Courier published an article in its business section under the headline "Hop-rocket Business Exciting"
The reporter introduced Hop-rocket as "a new-e-commerce business promoting tourism in the world has finally reached PNG packed with surprises and opportunities."
It reported a Mrs Susan Hulo who is an affiliate of Hop-rocket claiming its an exciting business because it relates to the venture she is involved in. It's all about tourism enjoyment" she stated.
She goes onto encourage people to join to tour the world and PNG. "Papua New Guinea love travelling exploring new places, meeting new people and have hands on experience of others people's lifestyle but money is a hindrance for such trips Mrs Hulo said."
Mrs. Hulo explained that when you register as a hop-rocket member, automatically you are an elite member and if you can establish your network of 29 or 39 people as well as reaching hop-points of US$360 you are eligible [to] get paid in US dollars and that money will be saved for touring trips. She described the business as Multi-Level.
The report was very much a free advertising for Hop-rocket and those hoping to profit from it. While Ms Hulo claims its all about tourism I could not find a single statement in the companies marketing material to support her claim. It is a Multi-Level Market company claiming to be a travel company using its website search engine offering travel deals on accommodation etc at wholesale rates. The catch is you have to pay to access it.
The reporter failed to mention the growing public concerns about Hop-rocket operating under a pyramid style scheme or that the company is not even registered in PNG.
Further still the report appeared on page 30 under Lae Business section while page 46 the paper ran a 3/4 page advert by the Governor of Central Bank warning against pyramid schemes posing as multi-Level Marketing Programs, making specific reference to Hop-rocket.
Lets hope Post Courier will run a follow up story on Monday about the Governor of the Central Bank warning to avoid schemes where returns are based primarily on the number of people you recruit and not on your sales to people outside the scheme. A fact confirmed by Mrs. Hulo.
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