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PNG Customs go digital

PNG Customs Services will now be using X-ray technologies for all containers arriving at our ports or harbours.
This was made known made possible with the assistance from the government in its aid to assist the Customs Service.
Speaking at the Customs to Business Consultative Forum today at The Gateway Hotel today Richard Maru expressed his gratitude to the PNG Customs Services for the forum which provides the platform for the stakeholders to meet and discuss issues and also the technology improvements they want to make.
He said the objective of the government was to improve the cost of doing business, improve the turnaround time, and look at the export tax for companies using raw materials. The funding for the X-ray Technology has been approved, and the machine has been acquired and will soon be deployed.
Meanwhile, when questioned regarding the reformation of the PNG Customs Service Hon. Maru said it is not to turn it into a Department as it has the culture of public service, rather to have it self-funded and more of a private sector culture. He said the government had been focused on reforming the Tax Office and PNG Customs and he was ready to support their recommendations after the workshop.
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