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Telikom upgrades Highlands broadband

TELIKOM PNG continues to improve communication links around the country building high capacity networks and having recently deployed microwave links to key sites in the Highlands as part of the national broadband network program.

The network upgrade in the Highlands follows the completion of Telikom’s new high capacity microwave network linking Mt Hagen to Madang. Local Telikom engineers in the region have deployed and installed new radio links to Wabag, Ialibu, Minj, Banz and Kundiawa while the installation of the Multi-Service Access Nodes (MSANs) will add value to landline customers to have access to high speed internet when they sign up for a broadband service.

The new platform offers more bandwidth, improved latency and the user experience is set to improve when it comes to general internet browsing, internet gaming, downloading files or watching videos online. There is a current promotion ending July 31st, 2016 for free internet hook for customers with a working telephone line applying for the ADSL2+ service. The promotion offer includes free modem, no installation fee, and 2 Gigabytes for new connections during the period of the promotion that is ideal for the home or office. The ADSL2+ technology offers speeds up to 24Mbps which customers can now check their emails within seconds download an mp3 music file within a minute and watch a high definition video without any level of buffering.

Wireless business solutions are also now available in the region to cater for corporate entities, institutions and business houses with the point-to-point and point-to-multiple-point virtual private network services. In the meantime, Telikom engineers have also configured and upgraded backhauling capacity on the HCN links between Port Moresby to Lae and Hagen to reduce network downtime and provide reliable redundancy link to support business. and residential customers.
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