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Telikom PNG undergoes online makeover

TELIKOM PNG has carried out a makeover of its online self-care to give customers a convenient user-friendly experience when attending to their accounts, says chief executive officer Michael Donnelly.
Donnelly, pictured, said Telikom had heavily invested in infrastructure with emphasis on improving customer-user experience.
“The global trend in customer expectation is that of digital channels that are available every day,” he said.
“Telikom PNG is meeting that with further improvement to come.
“Self-care is a web solution that would enable Telikom PNG to deliver online customer self-serve experience.”
The service will cater for both post-paid and prepaid accounts. It will enable customers to access bundle balance, main wallet balance, top-up prepaid account, pay monthly bills, buy data bundles and view transactions.
“In a bid to stay agile and competitive, telecom companies everywhere are increasingly broadening their digital offerings for new age, tech-savvy consumers. Telikom is eager to increase customer engagement through online sales channels with customers able to self-serve when buying bundles, checking their credit usage or update account details.
“The self-care gives the customer better control over their finances and convenience for customers with VISA credit or debit cards to top up prepaid accounts or pay monthly bills.”
He said the self-care service was an extension of the customer service which not only provided efficiency for customers but also offerred Telikom reduced cost of customer service at the sales front.
Meanwhile, effective Sept 1, payment of service would that of electronic payment, direct deposit or through company/ bank cheques.
Cash payments would only be accepted for Rait and Telikad vouchers. The National
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