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Dream Ace Empire Website launched

Dream Ace Empire, a non governmental organisation is paving the way forward in supporting people who are neglected and are left without the care of their parents.

The Organisation headed by Indian Doctor, Dr Rupanand Palaniandy is worldwide; however it is its first time in PNG and has plans on extending it throughout Oceania countries.
The organisations' aim is basically to help people who are committed to adding value to the development of the nation by doing their small part in the space of special needs, Christian fellowship and peer education on the proper ways of life.

The group launched its website page at the Cheshire Disability Homes on the weekend and also to pass on the message, that children with special needs are worth more then been given presents and donations by private and state own companies.

This gift is special because it will benefit them in a big way and help them to look beyond their dreams. The website page is called the FDI System which is similar to Whatsapp and Facebook, where this kids will benefit big time as it looks at making them earn themselves pocket money when they are registered.
Dr. Palaniandy is also urging interested people to join the group as they look at setting up an office once things are finalized.

The simple way to register is to download the Application, fill in the details and then you register in Categories.
The First Category is Professional Level, which costs K1700, and the second is Cooperate level at K1500 and the Junior Package costs K210.
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