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ICT can drive development in PNG

The government agency, National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) has been ensuring that the industry has contributed to the long term economic and social development of PNG.

Over five years as NICTA, there have been a great adoption in the ICT industry and PNG is advancing in a rapid rate said NICTA International Affairs Manager Jackson Kariko.

“We have not  develop our own technology but we only adopt and use technology. Therefore we are still looking to understand and adopt the right kind of technology that can best fit PNG which we could adopt for development,” Kariko said.

During the PNGCS expo Kariko stated that NICTA has immensely contributed and technology is a huge development for PNG. There are a lot to be done in the socio-economic development and the Computer Society (CS) is doing well.

“There is almost over 50 percent coverage in mobile technology in the country but there are certain areas in IT technologies and communication that PNG still needs improvements and development,” he said.

Mr Kariko added that the national government has been very supportive in telecommunications whilst NICTA believes that IT can drive development in the country.

“Third world country like PNG we are doing relatively well in the ICT industry,” said Kariko.

He added that the PNGCS expo is an opportunity for the general public including students to witness and know ICT and how it could build their knowledge on ICT.

Technology needs to be understood well Mr. Kariko said, stating that there is still more awareness, workshops and seminars that the ICT industry need to carry out in the country.

“More exposure and public knowledge in the industry will help build knowledge in the priority areas like the economic and social developments of the nation,” he added.

NICTA is the country’s authority for the ICT sector. It is a statuary body which had taken from the previous authority PANGTEL in ensuring Information Communication Technology sector is at the standard level.

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