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NICTA to help reduce internet price in PNG

REGULATOR, the National Information and Communication Technology Authority is trying its best to help reduce the price of Internet in PNG, says board chairman Ansgar Palauva.

Mr Palauva said NICTA had been doing all that it could to help reduce the cost of Internet in PNG by negotiating with both the operators of wholesale and retail service providers in PNG.

He said the NICTA board has been trying its best to bring down the cost of internet services by putting together policies set up by the government for operators to follow.

"The internet prices are slowly coming down and slowly through the operators we hope that they abide by the NICTA Act so that we can get the price down to a level that is affordable to everyone in PNG," he said.

Board director and independent expert Dr Bob Horton said that NICTA supported National Research Institute initiatives on internet services and in doing so they had established a Neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) as a way to contribute positively to the industry. He said Australia had done taken similar measures 15 years ago.

Saying that ICT was a major platform for the future Mr Horton said that if everyone had access to affordable internet prices that simply reflected prosperity on the streets which meant that everything would fall into play.

"We can’t do everything, the government can’t do everything, the industry can’t do everything but when we’re all in the same hemisphere then we can solve the issues," he said. Post COurier
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