How to buy 1.2G Internet data bundle that will last 14 days with less than K20 on Telikom PNG network

UpdateTelikom PNG has ended this promotion, however, the company has announced that if you subscribe on the same plan twice, you will be given 50% of the data purchase. 

Telikom PNG is rolling out 4G network in Papua New Guinea and people who use internet excessively for business or other use could possibly switch to Telikom.  The screen shot below shows the current internet rates and their cost.

The steps below  show how you can buy 1.2G data bundle. Telikom PNG offers free data bundles if you subscribe to same plan twice.  So in order to get 1.2G for just for only K18, follow the steps here.

1. Purchase a  K20 Raitprepaid Card.
2. Top it up on your phone or modern (for modem, dial 1255 on any landline and follow voice prompt to recharge your modem)
3. Purchase data 400 megabyte twice and Telikom will give your another 400 megabytes free.  Dial 1255 > Follow Voice promt> enter 4 > enter 3

So in total, you will have . 400M + 400M + 400M =1200M = 1.2G which will expire after 14 days.

You can do this for other plans. Simply study the screen shot above.

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