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Mobile Phone Companies in Papua New Guinea

There are several Mobile Phone and Telephone (landline) companies in Papua New Guinea (PNG). A brief detail of each company is given below.

1. Digicel PNG
This is the major player in the mobile services in PNG. The company boasts of having 90% of Papua New Guinea covered with its services.  Digicel is a Irish Company.
Digicel's services include

  • Mobile Phone services  (Voice and Data)
  • Digital and Multimedia (Television Services TV Wan, TV Wan Sports, Hitron)
  • Cloud Computing
Data Plan

1.     20MB Day Data Pass for only K1.99. Valid for 24 hours. Text DAY to 1634 to subscribe

2.     85MB Weekly Data Pass for only K8. Valid for 7 days. Text WEEK to 1634 to subscribe

3.     550MB Monthly Data Pass for only K50. Valid for 30 days. Text MONTH to 1634 to subscribe

4.     1.2GB Mega Pass for only K100. Valid for 30days. Text MEGA to 1634

Voice Plan

Peak Hours  Monday to Saturday

Digicel to Digicel                                                         To other network:  
  60t/minute                                                                       90t/minute

Off Peak hours :  Sundays & Public Holidays
60t/minute                                                                        90t/minute

Comment: Digicel is the  the expensive mobile phone network in Papua New Guinea

2. Bmobile- Vodafone

Bmobile-Vodafone is also one of the  leading provider of mobile voice and data services in Papua New Guinea. This company is co-owned by PNG Government and Vodafone. The company have network coverage in all towns and cities in Papua New Guinea. 

There Services include
  • Mobile Phone (data and voice)
  • Smart fone distribution
  • LAN/WAN setup
Data Plan
K3           K5      K10          K20          K30          K80         K225 K375
50 MB 70 MB 150 MB 350 MB 650 MB 1.5 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Validity 24hrs 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
How to subscribe? *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777#

Voice Plan
Peak hour 50 toea Monday - Sunday, 6am - 9pm 
off-peak hour 25 toea Monday - Sunday, 9pm - 6am

Comment: Recommended for visitors to Papua New Guinea especially for Voice calls.

3. Telikom PNG

 Telikom PNG is the leading telecommunications company with a telecommunications system that is among the most modern in the South Pacific region. Telikom PNG is owned by Papua New Guinea Government.

Telikom offers retail business of voice and data broadband services along with wholesale business of these voice and data services.Telikom Services are available in major centers in Papua New Guinea. 


Services currently available feature landline, Citifon mobile service, fixed wireless voice & data, Wimax broadband, VSAT, PABX, IPLAN, VPN, hotspot, and video conference.

Citifon, a product of Telikom PNG provides mobile service with competitive call and data rates with coverage available to most urban centers around the country.

Data Plan

Pass                             Price                                          Data

3 days pass                  PGK2                                        60 MB
7 days pass                  PGK3                                        100 MB
7 days Pass                  PGK5                                        200 MB
14 days pass                PGK10                                      400 MB
14 days Pass                PGK15                                      600 MB
14 days Pass                PGK 25                                     1G
21 days pass                PGK 90                                      5 G

Note: MB = Megabytes,  G= Gigabytes

Voice calls
35t/ Minute all network except for international calls with is 55t/minute 

Comment: Recommended this Telikom network if you want to safe money. 

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