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PNG Police urge users of social media to fill void

Social media users in Papua New Guinea can become reliable police informers in areas where there is no security presence during the elections, PNG Police Commissioner Gari Baki says.
Baki said during a talkback radio show on NBC on Wednesday night that police would not be in all places during the election period.
“So Facebook users posting reliable information of undue influences and other undesirable incidences by people who want to disturb the election will be very much appreciated by the police,” he said.

“Because my job is to ensure a safe and free election, I appeal to people to report accurately.”
Baki said users of social media could support a fair and free election.
“Social media can also destroy our country with the type of information they are giving out,” he said.
“So my appeal is for them to report accurately and factual reports so that every Papua New Guinean has an opportunity to know what is actually happening around the country.
“If you create fear in the social media, you are creating trouble for us.”
Baki said it was difficult to monitor and suppress users of social media.
“But then, they have the right to go and report on social media.” The National
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