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Companies to share infrastructure to boost internet in PNG

PNG DataCo Ltd (DataCo) and Telikom PNG will share infrastructures to deliver telecommunication services here and abroad.
DataCo managing director Paul Komboi said during the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Port Moresby that they would complement each other in terms of coverage and accessibility.
“For customers, it will assist them in terms of the benefits and the experience that will come in terms of the service that will be delivered,” he said.
Telikom PNG acting chief executive officer Xavier Victor said the agreement meant that both parties would make available domestic and international cable capacity to each other on their infrastructures under a normal commercial arrangement. DataCo will provide Telikom on its fiber cable between Madang and Port Moresby via Lae, Goroka, Mt Hagen and Hides.
Telikom will provide DataCo capacity on its cable between Madang and Sydney.
“DataCo own almost all the optic fibre cable infrastructures in the country, from Madang to Lae to Hagen and from there to Port Moresby,” he said.
He said these would assist them to carry out their 4G roll-out and support their customers.
“Under the arrangement, DataCo will also be getting capacity from us to carry their customer’s traffic outside of the country to Australia,” he said. The National
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