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Online Payroll System for Nurses, Public Servants, Police and Teachers in PNG

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Payroll System for Papua New Guinea
The PNG Department of Finance  has made possible for  Nurses, Public Servants, Police and Teachers in Papua New Guinea to have access to their pay details online. With this system you can: 
- Have access to your  pay details anywhere in PNG 
- Access past pay history
- See future payments including your salaries, wages, overtime, 
- Have access to Leave Fare payment details
- Have access to file number and position numbers.
- Have access to banking accounts (nominated accounts for salaries)
- Have access to your academic database (diploma, degree, master etc)
- Download, Print and email payslips.
How to Access the Payroll System. 
If you are registering for the first time (no existing account), follow the steps below. 
1. Visit wss.finanance.gov.pg   or click here
2. Enter your user name and the password. Both your user name and the password is your file number.
          That is :    Username : Your File Number
                           Password : Your File Number
3. You will be prompted to change your password after you complete the above procedure. Please enter your Old Password (Your File Number) and then enter the new  password (must be different from your file number) .
After you change the password,  File Number remains as your Username   while Password will be the one you just changed.

Existing Users
If you already have an user account and password. Simply follow the steps below.
1. Visit wss.finanance.gov.pg   
2. Enter your username (File Number) and your password.
3. Browse the tabs available on the program interface. 
If you forgot your password or reset your account, consult your departments’ ICT team for reset it.  For Teachers, should contact ICT at Fincorp, Nurses should check with Health Dept ICt, likewise for police and Public Servants to their respective ICT sections. 
In the event that they are unable to help you,  simply call the finance department on the following contacts.
Phone: (+675) 313 3541/ 313 3682 Facsimile: (+675) 313 3541

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