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New apps give PNG Kina Bank customers mobile service

TWO banking apps were launched yesterday byPapua New Guinea  Kina Bank to increase efficient banking for its customers.
Kina executive general manager banking Danny Robinson said the two apps were for retail and corporate customers.
“Our customers have been asking for a mobile banking solution and we have spent the last six months developing this for them,” Robinson said.
“This is a game-changer and will have our customers bank with greater efficiency from transactions to checking balances and a lot more.
“Customers can access their accounts through their mobile phones. The business customer app is for large corporates as well as business customers who
have complex financial services needs.
“The corporate internet banking for our large business customers and then for the rest of our customers is the retail application for mobile banking.”
Robinson said Kina Bank’s market share had increased.
“We believe that a lot of existing customers will sign up. But we know that there are potential customers out there who want to switch to kina,” he said.
“And the launching of corporate internet banking and mobile banking for retail customers will give them that facility and functionality to help with this transition.”
He said Kina had increased its market share in the past 12 months from around two per cent about six per cent.The National
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