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Cyber security awareness in PNG crucial, says expert

Cyber Security awareness in PNG is crucial and even top level managers need to know more about cyber security, a cyber security expert says.
Logical Operations director Desmond Devendran said cyber security awareness was crucial as basic barriers like passwords were easy to get past.
“Truth to be told, a lot of the top level managers as far as I can see, do not have sophisticated passwords,” he said.
“They tend to be simpler forms like surnames, middle names, birthdays, ID numbers, sometimes familiar phrases – which are all easy to guess with little effort.”
Devendran said there needed to be appropriate compliance, audit strategy and framework by regulators to address cyber security in PNG.
Logical Operations is a software developer and a technology company partnered with the Datec Learning Centre in Port Moresby and has recently conducted corporate clients cyber security training.
“You can take places like Singapore and Malaysia, where every government agency is audited by the state to meet a certain level of compliance,” Devendran said.
“Compliance in PNG is basically more reactive and not proactive.
“There has to be a process that has to be done on a quarterly or yearly basis to identify issues and eliminate those and there has to be continuous audit to ensure that these risks are brought down to an acceptable level.” The national/PNGEhow


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