Technology outstrips abilities of regulators, says Huawei vice-president

IT is true that technology has outstripped the abilities of regulators and legislators to enact laws, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd vice-president Simon Lacey says.
“Government has always exercised the authority to influence what information people can and cannot have access to and then the internet came along and circumvented the ability of the government to exercise that sovereignty and now we see different by-laws,” Lacey said during a panel discussion on infrastructure and connectivity game changers which was part of the Asia Pacific Business Forum in Port Moresby last week.
“I think the solution is for governments. We are seeing this in the 5G space now, to realise that there is more at stake in 5G then there was with 4G or 3G.”
Lacey said 2G was about being able to make a call, send a message while 3G and 4G was about introducing more functionalities and online stream. “And now with 5G, everything is going to be connected,” he said.
“That means that there is going to be a lot of strategic infrastructure that is going to be connected to water, power, to all financial systems, everything is going to be online so now governments are beginning to wonder, what are some of the measures that we need to take, to make sure that the system is viable and to make sure that we do not fall prey to elements, and to make sure that security and integrity is there.
“The question is, do we regulate or do we provide a regulatory holiday. I think it is not as simple.”

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