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Companies in PNG treating cyber security lightly, says executive

MOST companies in Papua New Guinea still treat cyber security lightly and do not realise that it can affect their daily business.
Cybernetic Global Intelligence (CGI) chief executive Ravin Prasad said staff training on cyber security was the key to learning about the latest threats out there.
CGI is a partner with Datec in delivering cyber security training for companies.
Prasad told The National on the sidelines of the 24th Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) PNG and CPA Australia (PNG) branch annual conference in Port Moresby on Friday.
He said while it was good to hear more discussions on embracing the digital era, cyber security needed to be seriously considered.
He said some companies would still think addressing cyber security threats was the sole responsibility of the government,
“Companies must start discussing cyber security in their boardrooms to prepare for the digital era, think about cyber security, talk about it, put that in your agenda for your board meetings,” he said.
“Cyber security is their biggest concern, so any organisation regardless of your size, whether you are in mining, telecommunications, health, emergency services, police, ambulances, banking institutions, all these institutions must understand that they must have cyber security as their key focus, so in the board meetings, that should be part of their core business at their meetings.
“I am finding that in PNG, that is not the focus, the focus is more so about how do we restructure, how do we make more money.
“What I am finding in PNG is that there is a lot of talk about it, but there is no action.” The National/ PNG Ehow

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