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Women in tech field face discrimination

WOMEN involved in technical fields in the United States face gender discrimination too, according to Sisters in the Building Trades USA president Melina Harris.
She told a group of women during the launching of the Meri Tradies PNG that American women in technical fields had their share of discrimination from males.
Harris, a carpenter by profession, said women in trade were also fighting to find their places in the community.
Harris and other international tradeswomen are carrying out the 2019 October trades women global outreach that started in Manila and Sydney.
“Our mission is to connect tradeswomen to provide mentorship and education to empower, share resources and knowledge that affect women in non-traditional trade. I have no doubt that you will all reach out to more women and change our world and culture so that all daughters may become whatever they wish to become in this world.”
Meri Tradies PNG president Doris Meliwane said the association was established by a group of tradeswomen.
“I have always wanted to encourage and empower other young women in trade. When this group of women expressed the same concern, we established the Meri Tradies PNG Association.” The National/ PNG Ehow

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