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Internet Services and Cost in Vanuatu

Knowing the  Internet Services , Access , cost  and the providers in Vanuatu is   a  paramount for a alien moving to this Pacific Island nation for  work ,  live or  for a visit. Internet services are provided by several companies and their data access bundles and costs are outlined below. Below are few companies that provide internet services in Vanuatu.

  1. Telecome Vanuatu Ltd
  2. Digicel Vanuatu  Ltd
  3. Telsat Broadband Limited
  4. Wantok Network Limited
  5. Interchange Limited

  • Telikom Vanuatu Ltd

Telikom Vanuatu Provides WIMAX (256kb - 1Mb), ADSL (128kb - 1Mb), Wireless  and various fixed and leased line services. VSAT is available for rural Vanuatu. Prepaid and Postpaid options are available. TVL does not have data caps but does lock customers into a 12-month contract. They also provide mobile service both 3G and 4G services.


Below is the ADSL rates

Mobile (3G & 4G)

Their  plans are great value if you need to stay connected at home and business with our 4G+ network - a speed like no other.

  •  Digicel Vanuatu Ltd

Provides WIMAX (1Mbit/s - 20Mbit/s), 3G & GPRS mobile internet services. Off-island connectivity is provided via submarine fibre optic cable. The minimum speed offered for fixed internet is 1Mbit/s on contended packages intended for residential use and prices start at 3,000 Vatu per month.

Business packages are offered in speeds of 1Mbit/s to 20Mbit/s and can be tailored to individual requirements. Business internet packages can be either contended or dedicated bandwidth depending on requirements. WAN, IPLC & other business data services are also offered. Digicel has the widest coverage of any operator in Vanuatu and is the only operator capable of providing fixed internet services in many outer island locations.

On of the dataplans Digicel provides in Vanuatu is shown below.

There are other dataplans provided by Digicel.

  • Telsat Broadband Limited

Telsat Broadband Provides Carrier-Grade Wireless coverage to Port Vila and surrounds via their own independent network. Telsat also supplies and maintains VSAT systems for the other remote parts of Vanuatu. The minimum speed offered is 256kbit/s up to 2Mbit/s but can tailor plans to suit individual business requirements. Pre-Paid and Subscription options are available. Telsat Broadband has data caps in effect on all standard accounts but does not have lock-in contracts.

  • Wantok Network Limited

Wantok Network Limited launched the first LTE network in Vanuatu in 2014. It provides wireless 4G internet in Port Vila and surrounding areas. The minimum speed offered is 1Mbps with plans starting from Vt2,300 per month with no lock-in contracts.

Get Internet straight to your home through WanTok’s reliable network and customer service. Choose from WanTok’s Home Internet packages below—there’s a plan for you. 

This company also provides other services like webhosting, website designs  etc.

  • Interchange Limited

This company has constructed the Interchange Cable Network which connects Port Vila, Vanuatu to Suva, Fiji via a fiber optic cable. The capacity of the cable is over 200 times Vanuatu's previous capacity, with the ability to upgrade the capacity in the future should more bandwidth be required.Interchange plans to construct two more cables, one will connect Port Vila to the Solomon Islands (with a spur to the Vanuatu island of Espiritu Santo). The other will connect Vanuatu to New Caledonia (with a spur to the Vanuatu island of Tanna)

Note: that data prices  here are subjected to change as inflation and costs increases. 

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