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DHERST Introduces I-PNG Technology

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology -DHERST  hosted the Registrars’  Module Workshop in Port Moresby from  18th–19th November 2019 at the Crown  Hotel. Participant Registrars of Higher  Education Institutions acknowledged  DHERST’s leadership and effort in  developing and facilitating digital  transformation in the higher education  system.
One of the leading participants,  University of Goroka Vice Chancellor,  Prof Musawe Sinabare commended  DHERST for its determinations in  achieving digital transformation  especially on the National Online
Application System (NOAS), the  National Online Selection System  (NOSS), and now the Registrars’  Module. These innovations have  greatly influenced and streamlined previous labour-intensive processing  of student applications, selections and  student administration in the higher
education institutions.
Prof Sinabare also mentioned the  value of a unified digital system in  achieving uniformity across higher  education institutions on policy and  administrative differences that affect  data quality and consistency. There  were also calls for similar workshops  for the different Education sub-sectors
– Teacher Colleges, Nursing Colleges,  Business and Technical Colleges  and specialized higher education  institutions.
Some generic concerns raised by the  participants include the transfer of  Government Scholarships – HECAS  students’ mobility, day students on  HECAS, as well as quality and validity of  Grade 12 School Certificates provided  by non-school leavers applying for  enrolment.

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