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Alternative Digital Payment Solution for Sola PayGo Customers in PNG

 Sola PayGo customers can now purchase the unique pay-to-own solar products via the online portal (www.solapaygo.com), using the Bank South Pacific (BSP) online payment platform.

This was made possible after Sola PayGo integrated their website and online payment process with BSP to launch the online payment solution for its customers on Friday 16 October 2020.

Sola PayGo has been operating in PNG since the beginning of 2018 with the goal of providing accessible, reliable and affordable energy to the remote and rural regions of PNG whilst transforming the way people can pay for this energy.

Sola PayGo offers self-contained solar power kits with lights, and various accessories including smart phone charging banks, TVs, radios and torches. The Sola PayGo customer base has grown to well over 7,000 households and families, providing a reliable light and energy source for well over 45,000 men, women and children.  They now have a permanent presence in Port Moresby, Mt. Hagen, and Goroka with service points in Lae and Madang as well. They run regular roadshows throughout Papua New Guinea.

In 2019, Sola PayGo partnered with BSP to offer an alternative digital payment solution for consumers, adding Solar Power Top Up function to BSP Mobile Banking *131#. This year, they have added yet another convenient and secure method of payment online through their website https://www.solapaygo.com/.

Customers can pay online for the Sola PayGo range of products and services such as solar kits, lights, TV's or smartphones and arrange delivery through their Lae and Port Moresby Offices. The website also allows for repayment of solar kit installments.

"An online payment facility provides customers with increased flexibility and a further option for making payments. It provides a secure option for customers wanting to purchase a product and reducing the risks of carrying cash.  Online payments also provide customers with an alternative secure mode of payment using an Internet browser", Margery Tekwie, Operations Manager at Sola Paygo Limited.  

Sundar Ramamurthy, CEO of Sola Paygo added that, "Having a clear understanding of the purchasing profile of your customers is important in establishing an online payment process. This allows you to diversify payment and accessibility of the product to all sectors of the economy".

BSP Digital General Manager, Nuni Kulu reiterated that, "BSP continues to enhance and increase our digital services to transform customer experience and grow businesses in the country."

"We are enhancing payments solutions for business to provide fast, secure and convenient options for our customers to purchase products and services from any location, any device," Kulu added.

Businesses interested in setting up payments to their website can email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg  and call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.

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