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Man Charged using PNG Cybercrime Laws over defaming Members of Parliament online

A MAN has been charged with defamatory publication under the Papua New Guinea  Cybercrime Code Act 2016 for using his Facebook page and other pages as a medium to allegedly defame National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Minister for Housing and Urban Development Minister and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko.

The 48-year-old man from Sinasina in Chimbu was interviewed by a special investigation team after Tkatchenko laid a complaint on the comments made in relation to land portion 1221 at 14-Mile.

The man allegedly posted commentaries on certain issues, according to the investigation team and under the title portion 1221 (PAU) dated Sept 13 “was false and defamatory”.

Tkatchenko’s complaint said the post led people to use false and misleading information to despise him.

He said the post led people to discredit his character and his status as a government minister.

The posted commentary related to land portion 1221 – where a recent eviction exercise took place.

It said the recent eviction “was all about one man who is not a native Papua New Guinean”.

“We also know that the land title was transferred from GPG to NCDC under a ministerial direct grant,” the commentary read.“Then the title was very quickly sub-leased to a company (PNG Gardener) within seven days according to our records.”

“I am afraid this was all about one man and his self-interest.

“… is masterminded by the highest echelons of political power in NCDC,” the commentary read.

“It’s sickening and if I may add, very sadly, the evidence points to a story that involve land grabbing,” the commentary read.

“It stinks”

The accused was interviewed and charged last week.

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