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Students in PNG arrested for using Tiktok to insult Police Officers

 POLICE in PNG have arrested four schoolboys who posted a Tiktok video insulting Madang policemen on Wednesday.

These Students were arrested for using Tiktok to insult Police Officers 

Madang commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said he was upset with the students after watching the video in which they swore at his hard working policemen.

He said the swearing words used at the police were “too explicit and disrespectful”.

“I will not hesitate to arrest and charge them,” Supt Rubiang said.

“I have instructed my men to investigate and lay appropriate charges on the students accordingly and let them explain themselves in court.

“This showed how the public did not appreciate what policemen are doing for the people and country.

“The four have been arrested and detained in a police lockup while two others are on the run.

“Both young and old must know how to use social media responsibly and constructively.

Supt Rubiang said the four were likely to be charged with cybercrime offences.

“Swearing or insulting or defaming others on social media are not the right way,” he said.

The National / PNG eHow 

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