PNG Adopts a Cloud-First Policy to drive Digital Government Agenda

Papua New Guinea (PNG)  government has adopted the Cloud First Policy through the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

PNG Adopts a Cloud-First Policy to drive  Digital Government Agenda [Photo supplied]

Experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Troy Bell, and Rob Sequeira came over to Port Moresby and delivered a full-day workshop for the local experts in the Department.

A key policy decision the Department is making is adopting a Cloud-First Policy and this has already been endorsed by Government through Cabinet Decision No. 39/2021.

With the Cloud First Policy guiding the government in IT strategies and investments, the country is poised to take on innovations that can support faster and more efficient e-government services, transparency, and inter-agency collaboration.

The Department is taking small, but calculated and critical steps as it gets closer to transforming Papua New Guinea into a digital nation for the benefit of our people.

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