Technology Company Telikom PNG is giving away cash through Cash Give Away Promotion

 If you are a subscriber on the Telikom PNG network , that is Telikom and Bmobile networks, you are eligible to participate on this half a million cash give away promotion and could win.  

The tech company says, this month, we’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Cheap Mobile Data & Cheap Home Data  and giving you the chance to WIN a share in over HALF A MILLION KINA IN CASH! 

All you have to do is top up with K5 or more for your chance to WIN! 

The total cash prize is divided into 3 cash pools:

* K200,000 cash pool for Major winners (4 Winners will each get K50,000)

* K160,000 cash pool for Weekly Winners (16 winners will each get K10,000)

* K186,000 cash pool for Daily Winners (124 Winners will each get K1,500)

GUARANTEED WINNERS from all regions of PNG. 🏆🇵🇬

Available throughout July for mobile and fixed customers.

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