Papua New Guineans can pay for Air Travel tickets using BSP Pay

Papua New Guinea airline, Air Niugini and  Bank South Pacific  Financial Group (BSPFG) customers can now book and pay for airline tickets instantly and securely via BSP Pay online option without having to use their BSP Cards. This payment option has been effective since Friday 18th November.

BSP Pay 

It’s an exciting partnership with BSP Financial Group that diversifies Air Niugini’s payment options and allows any BSP account holder in Papua New Guinea to pay for their airline tickets online with total confidence.

BSP Pay payment solution allows BSP account holders to carry out online payments on registered merchants without using their bank cards. The only information required is their CIF (BSP ID) and registered mobile number to receive security codes.

To use this payment option to purchase Air Niugini airline tickets, customers will need to visit the BSP website

 to activate their bank account for any BSP Pay related payments. Customers then visit

 to book a flight, proceed to checkout and select BSP Pay. The payment system securely and instantly generates a dynamic security code that validates each transaction with a one-time passcode through the customer’s registered mobile number.

Air Niugini General Manager, Commercial Paul Abbot said with BSP Pay, it now gives the airline’s non-credit cardholders a safe and convenient alternative form of payment online.

“Over 70% of our customers are domestic travellers, PNG based, therefore the BSP Pay option is a convenient and flexible online payment option for them. “

“It greatly improves access and peoples’ ability to book travel from the comfort of their own home and now adds to other forms of online payment we already have including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Air Niugini also accepts points plus cash payment for its Destinations Loyalty members and poli pay online payment option for travel originating out of Australia.” Mr Abbot said

Apart from the online payment, Air Niugini also has other forms of payment including BSP Mobile Tickets payment option, Cash and UATP card.

BSP General Manager Digital, Nuni Kulu said  “This payment solution allows BSP customers who do not own a visa or credit card, to be able to purchase tickets online,” 

 Mrs Kulu added “With BSP Pay, our customers will be able to benefit from another secure payment option and enjoy a hassle-free express checkout experience. The payment process is so simple; passengers actually skip the physical reach for the wallet or purse to retrieve bankcards for details.”

For further information on BSP Pay, contact Air Niugini Commercial Service Centre(CSC) on: or visit

 or call Customer Service Centre on 320 1212 or 7030 1212.

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