Free internet access to Website for Nambawan Super Members in PNG

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) has partnered with Digicel PNG to provide Members with free 

internet access to the Nambawan Super website.

NSL’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Paul Sayer stated, “Members using Digicel sim cards can now navigate the Nambawan Super website to access important information about our products  and services; register for Financial Literacy Trainings; calculate their potential savings with  voluntary contributions and access retirement planning tools without worrying about data  charges”.

“Members who have registered for NSL’s online services can also download copies of their annual statement, check their balances, see their transaction history, and update some of their basic Member details.”

“By removing the cost barrier, Nambawan Super aims to ensure more Members are able to access important information about their superannuation and make informed decisions  regarding their retirement plans”, Mr. Sayer added.

The free internet to NSL’s website is one of several initiatives that the Fund has embarked on to  provide innovative solutions through digital platforms that enable the Fund to better serve its 220,000 Members Nationwide.

“NSL remains focused on improving the efficiency of its systems as well as strengthening its  cyber security measures through the use of innovative technology”, Mr. Sayer stated.

“The Fund has undertaken a number of projects, utilising new technology, to promote financial 

inclusion, improve Member data collection and security; utilization of value-added Digital  Services; further enhancing the IT security of our back-end systems; and improving the  contributions process for our employers”, Mr. Sayer added.

Nambawan Super is committed to bridging the digital divide and delivering exceptional Membercentric solutions in the digital age, ensuring essential financial services and information are  easily accessible to its Members, employers, and stakeholders.

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