MiBank USSD Mobile Banking Now Accessible to Vodafone Users in Papua New Guinea

 In a significant leap towards enhancing digital banking accessibility, MICROBANK (MiBank) Limited in Papua New Guinea has unveiled its MiBank USSD mobile banking services on the Vodafone PNG network. The strategic collaboration enables Vodafone users in PNG to seamlessly register and access MiBank's banking services directly on their mobile phones through the MiBank mobile banking USSD platform.

Patrick Wakeri, Vodafone’s Business Relationship Manager, highlighted the convenience for MiBank customers, stating, "Once registered, MiBank customers can simply dial *678# to perform various banking transactions on their mobile phone over the Vodafone network." This streamlined approach is poised to revolutionize mobile banking for Vodafone users, allowing them to conduct a range of financial transactions with ease.

Wakeri emphasized the inclusive nature of this collaboration, underscoring its role in providing Vodafone customers with access to fundamental banking services, irrespective of their location or proximity to traditional banking infrastructure. The introduction of USSD benefits through this partnership marks a significant stride towards fostering a more accessible and inclusive digital banking experience for Vodafone users in Papua New Guinea. The move aligns with the broader trend of leveraging technology to democratize financial services, making banking more convenient and widely available.

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