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Proper filtering can improve internet usage in PNG

A proper internet filtering system in Papua New Guinea can pave the way for improvement in our young people’s lives morally, socially and economically, an official says.
Office of Censorship principal adviser Robroy Chicki said the aim of the concept was to protect children from accessing indecent and dangerous materials that contributed to a rise in social problems.
“Internet filtering is a way forward in addressing the issue of pornography and other related social issues or crimes related to the internet,” he said.
Chicki said the Office of Censorship also identified internet filtering as a way to help achieve Papua New Guinea’s Vision 2050 goal as stated in the Strategies for Strategy Focus Area 6 on Spiritual, Cultural and Community Development.
He said the restrictions would not suppress freedom of expression by the public, rather create a holistic partnership approach to uphold morale standings in the society.
“The restrictions focus primarily on child pornography, sexual violence, cybercrime, human trafficking, uploading and downloading of pornography and other illegal activities,” Chicki said.
“Internet filtering will also assist our other stakeholders like police, defence, NICTA and Customs on other unlawful crimes committed online and is of interest to our stakeholders.”
Chicki said the internet filtering system would enhance the flow of information to the public, was genuine and for a healthy reason.
“In monitoring and filtering the use of internet out of explicit, pornography and dangerous materials to the young populous, it provides a change to the mindset of young people and that they contribute constructively to the country’s development and to improve their living standard.” he said.
“That’s what we are trying to encourage our young people through a monitoring and filtering of the internet so that they access to clean information.”
He said that would help the children to have access to information trhat were education to their learning and for studies.
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