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WhatsApp on your PC, is it possible?

Is it possible to install the WhatsApp android application on your computer?
If you have attempted it already you know that the answer is NO. Computers only read softwares which are executable files (e.g.MS Office10.exe), but the good news is that there is now a computer software that can read your android applications on your computer; that's right, finally you can see a larger version of those WhatsApp emojis on your laptop.
Known as BlueStacks, this computer software acts as the operating system of any android phone. More simply it is like a phone installed on your computer.
The cool thing about it is since it runs on your computer’s local drive, which has more internal storage than your phone you can install as many android apps on your pc. It also communicates with your android phone to synch all your contacts (saves times from copying them one by one). You can also make a call on your computer if you are a using a modem.
There are many great features of this app and it can be downloaded on the BlueStacks website.
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