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Technology company NUTANIX making strides in PNG

NUTANIX, a technology company, says it is gradually making strides in the Papua New Guinea market.
Cameron Stockwell, the senior systems engineer based in Sydney, said Nutanix was a software which delivers converged infrastructure that replaced traditional datacentre architectures built with separate servers, storage and networking devices.
It is now being used by three companies in the country since its launching last November through Datec PNG.
“Datec  installed the devices, and we have  got a couple of installation through some of our customers in PNG,” Stockwell said.
“They are currently being deployed and pretty quick.
“So we have to get more.”
He said Nutanix reduced the complexity.
“It is a simple appliance,” Stockwell said.
“You drop in, you can configure it in a few minutes.
“Aside from that, performance is there.
“It is easy to get trained on.
“We have taken away the pain of scaling and pain of complexity.
“It is just a simple device.
“It starts small and grow to where ever you need, whatever somebody needs.
“It is just an easy product, it is resilient, it can handle power problems that you have here.”
Datec introduced Nutanix into the Papua New Guinea market last October.
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