Australia-PNG laying High Speed Internet cable

The Australian and Papua New Guinea Governments are progressing rapidly with the project to deliver the new high speed Coral Sea Cable that will connect Port Moresby through Sydney to the global economy.

On 27 September 2018, marine survey vessel the RV Northern Endeavour visited Port Moresby to survey the area where the cable will connect to Papua New Guinea’s mainland.

Local media had the opportunity to go on-board the vessel to see the facilities, meet the crew and understand more about the process for delivering this key nation building infrastructure.

Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis was pleased to mark this important milestone.

He said, ‘Australia is delighted to partner with Papua New Guinea in delivering this key nation building project. This project has the potential to be truly trans formative and I am excited to be able to celebrate this important step towards its completion’.

The RV Northern Endeavour is at the start of a journey to map out the path the cable will take between Port Moresby, Honiara and Sydney.

Not only does this preliminary planning ensure that the installation of the cable is as efficient and cost-effective as possible,it also provides assurance that the impact of the cable on Papua New Guinea’s pristine marine environment is minimised.

The Coral Sea Cable will significantly improve Papua New Guinea’s internet connectivity, allowing businesses to access new markets,students to harness new learning opportunities and communities to reach out toot her countries and people across the sea.
It is a very tangible symbol of Australia and Papua New Guinea’s enduring partnership as well as both nations’ strong commitment to growth and prosperity in the region.
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