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PNG Police Minister Kramer to setup Social Media Platform for reporting

New PNG  Police Minister Byran Kramer intends to set up a social media program to allow for citizens of the country to report on issues that are affecting their communities.

Mr Kramer told media last Friday that he intends to work with good officers.

And was looking at not only improving the force but improving its working relationship with the people.

“Right now, people are more afraid of police than they are of rascals.”

The social media program will allow for people to raise any concerns they have.

“I will take that concern, consider it, if it is justified than I will bring it to the office of the police commissioner who will than look at it, if it is confirmed that the concerns raised are justified then police will take appropriate actions according to the law.”

The Minister added that his immediate concerns is not about locking up corrupt politicians, as he intends to make the country safe.

“Why I wanted to take up this ministry is not because of locking up corrupt politicians.

“My focus is on mums and dads, who are concerned of their safety and for their children.

“So, children’s safety is our priority concern.

“I want to see children walking to shops at night instead of worrying what will happen to them.

“Locking up corrupt politicians and corrupt foreigners are secondary issues,” Mr Kramer added.

“I do not have the powers to arrest nor direct any member of the force to do anything.

“My only function as police minister is policy.

“But everyone will be subject to the rule of law,” Mr Kramer said. Post Courier/PNGeHow

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