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Social media blamed for underaged girls marrying in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's LAE District Court magistrate Edward Kupo says social media is responsible for luring underaged girls into sex and early marriage in the country. 
“The girls know more about sex but they do not really understand the impacts of unwanted pregnancies and early marriages,” Kupo said.
“This leads to little schoolgirls being enticed by men into sex and relationships, resulting in early marriages that are happening in our society today.
“Sometimes, girls are forced into such after pressure from immediate family members. They think that sex and early marriage are the only way out of their problem,” he added.
Kupo made the remarks after committing 24-year-old Samuel Waiyum, from Ragiampum village in Markham, Morobe, to stand trial at the National Court for raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl.
In mitigating, Waiyum said: “She is my girlfriend and we have been going out together for some time. 
As a working person, I have been supporting her and her family financially.
“On many occasions, she proposed that I marry her.
“She claimed that her uncles have been treating her and her three siblings badly.
“The bad treatment from her family members and the cost of helping the survival of the family in Lae has driven her to find refuge in marriage.”
In a police statement produced in court, the girl also confessed that she wanted to get married as the only option to solve the problems she faced.
Kupo said despite the consent given by the girl, age is something that men should consider before engaging in sexual relationships with girls.
“Having sex with an underage girl is against the law. Those charged will have to face the full force of the law despite consent by the girl,” he added.
Waiyum will appear for trial in the National Court on July 5.

The met using the Social Media platform Facebook.  The National/PNGeHow 

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