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Need for Cyber Security Training for PNG

Cyber Security is for individual Information and Communication Technology (ICT)user’s problem and all organizations should take initiatives to fix it by enforcing appropriate policies, procedures and technical know-how to get things done.

Datec a PNG based company specializing in providing end-to-end ICT solutions and services provider has seen the need for a better understanding of Cyber Security threats.

This comes due to the development and reliance by many organizations and individuals in the PNG’s ICT Industry on the latest information and communications technology solutions and services coupled with the lack of cyber security understanding and protocols.

Datec through its Learning Center sees the need to run Cyber Security First Responder Threat Detection & Response Training.

The training facilitated by a Global Authority in Cyber Security from the US Logical Operations and have brought in an expert in Cyber Security who is Director for Security Compliance with Logical Operations, Mr. Desmond Alexander.

Mr.Alexander said that during his visit has observed two things come to his attention, the first being seeing how ICT Networks were being set up and he has seen a significant number of vulnerabilities yet to be fixed.

Secondly,looking at the maturity level of people in the ICT industry on Cyber Security awareness were there are some form of awareness needed to be done.

He said it is not up to the expected mark yet because prominently they are still dependent on the Vendors and they don’t have their own awareness to fix things.

He said Cyber Security is for everyone but the ones targeted in this first of its kind in PNG Cyber Security First Responder Threat Detection & Response Training are people working in the ICT Industry like System Administrators, System Analysts, and Security Professionals.

According to Datec’s General Manager for Training and Education Ravichandran C, Datec through the Datec Learning Center is planning on bringing in more trainers and Cyber Security experts to run more programs bi-monthly with the earliest one planned around August building on this one that has just happened. 


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