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Telikom PNG's 1 day Data Plan is Cheaper

Telikom PNG provides cheaper Internet in Papua New Guinea. Have a look at the screen shot below that is taken from a  Telikoms self-care page.

Note: The pricing is for Telikom's wireless broadband. The mobile version of Telikoms 4G network was sold to Bmobile and telikom does not handle that. 

If you buy the telikom's Wireless Broadband device, you can connect that device with any mobile phone by using the Wifi settings on your phone (we will detail this in another post). The device will connect to your phone and you can access cheaper internet . The drawback though is, you will need power to power up your Wireless broadband which make it not mobile but perhaps suitable for home or office settings. 

Back to the pricing,   as you can see it from above screen shot,  just for K3, you are able to get 600MB data or you can supplement  to get 1000MB(1G) for only K5. 

Comparing the above with Digicel's Day Data plans (Mobile) is quiet pricey 

  1.        15MB    @ K1    
  2.        65MB  @ K7
  3.        400MB @ K12
  4.        1.2G    @ K25

While Telikom's/Bmobile 4G Mobile Data plans beat Digicel

  1. K6 for 200MB for three days 
  2. K3 for 100MB  for two days
  3. K2 for 60MB for two days

One would use Digicel for Voice Calls (Use their unlimited plans) but for data we would prefer Telikom PNG or Bmobile-Telikom 4G mobile 

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